The Foglands II: Return to the Mists

Adventure Log #9

Team Holy Avengers sets out to the south. Fiorella and Tamara return a week, shaken but alive, their gods smiling on them.

After they return, Hiroshi and Tamara marshal an effort to explore to the south. Night-Born and Adeline come along, as well as the exquisitely-dressed newcomer Styll.

Another week later, Night-Born returns with Adeline and Styll, as well two covered casualties of the brutal Foglands. Hiroshi and Tamara barely live to tell the tale, and thank their lucky stars for GM mistakes.

Dire Bear Zombie, Boss of the Ruined Town of Ralascore, has been Slain.

The next adventure date will be November 8th, 4713 (14 Days of Downtime accrued)



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