A grayish woman with a proud posture, her serious gaze is softened slightly when she smiles.




My mother’s people were of the old ways. They were the ones that survived the Darkness, and built a great culture for themselves.

She was from what you would call the Hawk Clan, and what she would call the Shriikirri-Quah. They were the peace keepers, and of all the tribes closest to nature.

My mother was a great peace-maker, and would travel often from the Velashu River to the Mierani Forest, and then to Riddleport or even to Korvosa. She was blessed they say, her name was Sky Sister, as she rode in the sky with the hawks on the back of a hippogriff.

It was during one of her travels to the Mierani Forest that she was captured by strange looking elves. They tortured her for information on Korvosa. She was able to escape with the help of her hippogriff.

Nine moons later, I was born. It was a cold night, with a full moon. When I was born and they saw my ashen skin and hair so white that it glowed in the moon lite, she gave me the name Lyruka.

Growing up with the Shriikirri children, I often found myself alone. I was different, and it either frightened them or made them jealous. When I was old enough my mother got me an egg, and taught me how to care for it until it hatched. She showed me how to bond with animals like her, and from then on I was no longer alone.

Storm-Chaser and I grew up as one. When he was big enough to ride we would take to the skies, even on stormy nights and ride the cool winds.

Now I am old enough. I have decided to leave, there is word of a land with no people. This is where I want to go, where there may be new opportunities for an outsider like me.


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