The Foglands II: Return to the Mists

Adventure Log #11

Jalket leads a party to the as-of-yet unexplored east, before returning from the South, looking weak and a little ragged, but definitely smarter and richer, as always.

The next adventure date will be on December 12th, 4713 (11 Days of Downtime Accrued)

Adventure Log #10

Several adventures pierce the foglands, with newcomer Nurian Starseeker joining the list of adventurers. There are no deaths.

Mummy, Challenge Room of Ralascore, has been defeated.

The next adventure date will be November 30th, 4713

Adventure Log #9

Team Holy Avengers sets out to the south. Fiorella and Tamara return a week, shaken but alive, their gods smiling on them.

After they return, Hiroshi and Tamara marshal an effort to explore to the south. Night-Born and Adeline come along, as well as the exquisitely-dressed newcomer Styll.

Another week later, Night-Born returns with Adeline and Styll, as well two covered casualties of the brutal Foglands. Hiroshi and Tamara barely live to tell the tale, and thank their lucky stars for GM mistakes.

Dire Bear Zombie, Boss of the Ruined Town of Ralascore, has been Slain.

The next adventure date will be November 8th, 4713 (14 Days of Downtime accrued)

Adventure Log #8

Zaid marshals her forces as intended, and sets off with Night-Born, Tamara, Eio, Hiroshi, and Jalket.

They do not return.

…For nearly a month. Coming finally from the far west (covered in mud), they return finally, after the town had nearly given them up for dead. The next adventure date will be October 24th, 4713 (28 days of downtime accrued)

Adventure Log #7

Adeline rallies a familiar crew to action, as Night Born and Hiroshi ready for another outing. The stoic newcomer Lucan makes his first outing, and many days later everyone at New Havenport is startled by a blast of red energy that shatters the day and flies towards the clouds, disappearing as fast as it came.

[Tetraskirn, Crawlforger has been defeated. Torral Abbey’s boss has been cleared]

Hurt but alive, the four return on the 24th. The next day for adventure is September 25th, 4713 (10 Days of Downtime Accrued)

Adventure Log #6

Team Holy Avengers has been assembled! Through collaboration, the adorable gnome priestess Fiorella and the stunningly beautiful but dangerously sharp paladin Tamara have crusaded their way into the foglands. They both return, in flawless physical condition, from a brief adventure to the west.

The next adventure date will be September 14th (4 Days of Downtime Accrued)

Adventure Log #5

The enigmatic Calloway leads an expedition of Adeline, Night-Born, Hiroshi, Dr. Iverness, and Eio, as well as the newcomers Zaid and Tanroq.

They all return in about a week, some more shaken than others. The next adventure will begin on September 10th, 4713. (7 Days of Downtime Accrued)

Adventure Log #4

Oct 3rd, 2013: Fueled by her adventures the weeks before, the ever-eager Adeline organizes another expedition to the west. They return very soon, however, bearing little in the way of treasure.

The next adventure will begin on September 2nd, 4713. (4 Days of Downtime Accrued)

Adventure Log #3

A new soul makes her way to the foglands in the form of the exotic Jalket, a sorceress with an eye on her fortune. Night-Born, Eio, Roxas, Adeline, Dr. Iverness, and Jalket make a second trip out to the hills in the west on August 15th, and all six return on the 26th of August.

Vicious tornadoes ravage the land around them for two days straight after that. No adventuring takes place during these storms as the denizens of New Havenport eye the sky warily, but thankfully they avoid the coastal fort.

The starting date for the next adventure will be August 29th, 4713. (14 days of downtime have been accrued.)

Adventure Log #2

Two new adventurers join the adventure on August 5th. The mysterious and charming arcanist Adeline and the confident Tien martial artist Roxas each strike out with Night-Born and Eio. They all return alive.

The current date is August 14th (10 days have passed since the last session).


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