A blue-eyed sorcerer with dragon blood in his veins


Styll lived in a city with his little sister ever since his mother died when he was 12. His dad disappeared years before, last seen with known mobsters, one of which was found dead after a robbery at a noble’s library. Styll worked to support his sister for years, searching long hours for any kind of odd job he could do. He tried to avoid any type of crime even though his family had a reputation for being among the more dangerous of bosses. These dubious members of the family all shared striking blue eyes that seemed to glow with malice when angered and a disposition to study magic and forgotten lore. Styll made sure to make everyone know that his strange blue eyes were not a sign that he was as evil as those ancestors had been. But even with a solemn oath to never go down that same road that had made his forefathers infamous, he could not help but feel drawn to the arcane arts and even trained with the sword in whatever spare time he could find.

He finished one job early and came home to see his sister sitting in her room, deep in thought. She showed him a beautiful piece of jewelry that her love had given her to ask her hand in marriage (a love that Styll had never met nor even knew existed). He felt acutely that his providing for his sister had made him miss too much time with her. He felt the great distance between them and also reflected on his growing attraction to dangerous studies.

After some deliberation, he gathered the few things he truly needed and left the city, leaving whatever fortune he had amassed to his sister and her husband. He left a letter wishing them every happiness the world had to offer and set out to satisfy his curiosity for magic and learn more abut the wide world he had only read and dreamed about.


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