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The Foglands is an open-ended sandbox Pathfinder game anyone can join. The world, an unexplored island continent with infinite possibilities, is pre-designed and makes full use of the exploration, downtime, and potentially kingdom-building rules.

In order to play, you must create a 1st-Level character using either 20 Point-Buy, or 4d6 Drop Lowest with witnesses. Only Base Races are allowed. You begin your adventure fresh off the boat in the settlement of New Havenport, knowing nothing of the lands you have arrived in and having only the things you brought with you to comfort you. A simple shop and bunkhouse see to your most basic needs, but your fortune is yours alone to make.

To organize a meet, find willing players and an acceptable date with the GM. It is you who controls your destiny in the Foglands; not me!

Player Resource Folder: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0ByoXo7KjQUn8ejV2WldIYldMdkE&usp=sharing

Home Page

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